South London Sauce Company is here to bring you banging sauces, rubs & seasonings, all made in small batches in South London. 
Having spent years on the road in music, 2020 hit hard and SLSC was born. 
Now an established brand across the whole of the UK, you can find many products in and around the South London area in shops, pubs and cafes as well as numerous collaborations with musicians, pubs and restaurants. 
I’m Bibey. I’m a Welsh lad that calls South London home. I have lived in South London for the last decade and more and I bloody love it here. In my old 'real' job, I used to spend half of my year on the road with bands and artists much more talented than me - now hot sauce is my 'real job'.
When I went to University, all i could cook was a bacon sandwich. I learned to cook from watching Jamie's 30 Minute Meals about 10 years ago when I was home from touring. Since then, food and cooking has become a bit more than just a hobby thing, which has led to my hot sauce taking over all of South London!
Every bottle has been cooked, bottled and stickered at home by me (with a little help from the legends around me). I hope you enjoy these as much as I do. Tidy.